Altdeutsches Restaurant - a special dining experience

Using local seasonal produce is central to the creation of this modern German and international cuisine. Nowadays it is imperative to know what you eat and drink, hence we put the greatest emphasis on the quality of our food, thus most of our meat is purchased from local farmers. Being cooked and delivered in an imaginative yet no-nonsense manner it has made dining at The "Deutsches Haus” an experience in its own right.
Our „Ancient German“ restaurant seats 90 guests in three locations. During the summer meals are also served on our spacious terrace opening onto the “wine-market”.

The "Old German Restaurant" in the Hotel Deutsches Haus is a place for of enjoyment in one of the most beautiful half-timbered buildings in Germany. Enjoy modern Franconian cuisine at the highest level.

The quality lies in the composition of the best products while preserving their originality. This days more than ever it is good to know what you eat and drink. For this reason, especially in sensitive areas - such as beef, pork and poultry - special emphasis is placed on the highest quality and first-class taste in the Old German restaurant.

Based on this, products from local and regional producers make the kitchen in the old German restaurant unique and to this what it is.